My teaching involves the application of methods that (I) address the explicit and hidden hierarchies within the classroom and encourage the students to articulate their own standpoints through active participation; (II) concretise how theoretical frameworks reflect and shape the way in which we interpret global politics; (III) stress the significance of alternative methodologies and forms of knowledge beyond the dominant paradigms in International Studies. I employ role-playing methods and audio-visual interactive teaching techniques to encourage the students to take an active role in shaping the discussion. These methods also challenge the students to utilise alternative frameworks that they might not have considered otherwise. I remain committed to providing a rich learning experience to my students beyond the classroom. To this end, I provide my students with links to relevant blog posts, magazine articles, audio and video clips as well as contributing to the Twitter hashtags of the modules I teach.

I currently lead the postgraduate module #ShefPOL612 The Political Economy of Globalisation.

Previously, I taught the following modules at the University of Nottingham (2012–15):

M12089 International Political Economy and Global Development.
M11155 Understanding Global Politics.
M11156 Problems in Global Politics.